I don't wanna take the next best chance, to satisfy my own desire, I would trade it for the slightest glance at the woman I admire. Yes I know there are gorgeous girls, and even some who make me smile, but I will wait until the right one comes, and may it take a while.

I don't wanna spend the time I wait, teaching myself how to seduce, 'cause when we meet I will not be afraid, that I'm the one that you will choose, Yes I trust you'll be not deceived, you will know what's fake and what's true. And I hope you will have saved yourself for me, as I will wait for you.

But then sometimes I'm tired of waiting, afraid you don't exist. They say without you ever dating, you'll stay the frog unkissed.

How I'm longing just to see your face, how I wish you were in sight. Are you somewhere at a distant place, or do we share this lonely night, Yes I pray that I will be strong, and that I may play the game, 'cause I believe that you are worth the fight, and you just feel the same.

so I don't wanna see my time as waste, so many things I want to do, every flaw that I have erased, won't mean any harm to you, anymore. Yes I hope despite all who laugh, "who can fit into that shoe?" I can use the time to grow to be the perfect one for you.